Key information

  • Lectures: MW 4:00-5:20pm ET on Zoom (CMU Zoom Login required)
  • Office Hours:
    • Josh: Th 1:00-2:00pm ET on Zoom
    • Chen: Tue 11:00am-noon ET on Zoom (Note the updated time!)
    • Mayank: Sun:4:00-5:00pm ET on Zoom
  • Lecture recordings: On course Canvas page
  • Discussion forums

Course sections

This course is offered as 15-388 A (a 9-unit course for undergraduates with live lectures), and 15-688 A/B (a 12-unit course for masters). Both 388 and 688 have the same lectures, but the latter will have additional advanced problems in their assignments.

Historically, the B section was an online section for students who wanted to only watch lectures online. However, since all classes are online this semester (and all students may opt to watch recorded lectures rather than online), in practice there is no difference betweeen the two 688 section.


This course meets every Monday and Wednesday 4:00pm–5:20pm in online on Zoom. The lecture link is available here: and requires you be logged in to Zoom with you CMU account. Recordings of the lectures will be posted on the course Canvas page, available here


Programming experience is necessary for the course, all assignments are in Python. For undergraduates, either 15-112 or 15-122 is required.

Experience with linear algebra, probability, and statistics is recommended, but not strictly required (courses like 21-240/241/242 for linear algebra or 36-201 for probability/statistics are more than sufficient). Students concerned about whether they have a proper background should contact the course instructors to discuss.


  • 40% homework
  • 20% tutorial
  • 30% final project
  • 10% class participation


This semester, in liu of class polls, we will be assessing participation throrugh interaction in the class forums. In order to receive full credit for class participation, you will need to (reasonably) answer 5 posts posted to the class message board (and we will be granting extra credit to the top 5 students we judge to be most helpful on the message boards).