Course number 15-388 (undergraduate) / 15-688 (masters) (Both courses will have the same lectures, but on each assignment there will be additional advanced problems for the 600 level course.)
Course location/time Rashid Auditorium (GHC 4401), MW 3:00-4:20
Units 9 (15-388), 12 (15-688)
Prequisites Programming experience is necessary for the course (assignments are in Python). For undegraduates, either 15-112 or 15-122 is required. Experience with linear algebra, probability, and statistics is recommended, but not strictly required (courses like 21-240/241/242 for linear algebra or 36-201 for probability/statistics are more than sufficient). Students concerned about whether they have a proper background should contact the course instructors to discuss.
Grading 50% homeworks, 15% tutorial, 25% final project, 10% class participation