Homework 2 is released in three parts. To complete Homework 2, you must submit all parts. Here are the handouts:

Each part is a separate code lab in Diderot. You can (and should) submit each part as you complete it.


We will hold a recitation (see schedule) for this homework in which we will review some basic concepts for this homework. If you have previous experience with numpy, pandas and/or sqlite, the recitation is unlikely to teach you anything new. Attempt all parts of the homework before attending the recitation to make the most of it.

Recitation notes are here.


  • Time Series
    • If you get a FutureWarning when running the import function, this is safe to ignore.
    • All solutions are only a few lines long and make extensive use of Pandas features. You should not be looping over data.
  • Graph Library
    • The matrix math is the most common stumbling block. Review the lecture notes and slides.